Going amazingly well

Going amazingly well

It’s going amazingly well at project Next. We finally have a material that is working beautifully, thanks to Weber Beamix Eindhoven. So now we can concentrate on all the other things. What angle can I print, how high can I print before it collapses? What infill do we use?

10 degree angle project NEXT

On the left you see a stone with a 10 degree angle, just to give it a try. It works, but as you can see it tends to press itself down. But how nice to see the layers. And day by day we’re getting more experienced so the quality improves.

beginning of pillar

Here you see a number of layers on top of each other without any deformation what so ever. It is actually the very first stone of many more to follow that I will build my first 3Dprinted column with. Can’t wait.