Looking for someone

Looking for someone

We’re looking for someone to support our team. We’re looking for someone to take care of all the e-publicity. If you’re interested, read the lines below and send an email with a short resume about yourself and your motivation to info@projectnext.world. We will respond soon after the Christmas days.

Job tasks:

You will actively and independent run, support, update and blog on the project next website.
Not only is the website the place to explain about the project, there is a news page where most news items will be brought to the attention of the followers of project Next.
You will record the progress, the process and most test results with a camera.
You will produce texts in proper English for the use on the website.
You will publish short news items of the progress on the project Next Twitter account.
You will publish, blog and keep track of the progress on a project Next facebook account.
You will publish pictures and other things worth spreading on Pinterest and Instagram.
You will publish highlights of the progress on Google Plus.
You will keep track of the communication with the community of interested people and active 3Dprinters via Facebook, Twitter and the Website.
You will produce a news letter on a regular base and spread it amongst all people involved in the project and people that show interest in the project.
You will maintain contacts with the press and actively look for journalists that want to publish about project Next.
You will organize and deal with guided tours for interested people and groups on location.
Needles to say that you are interested in the field of 3Dprinting and the new way of producing we aim for and you sympathize with the matter.
We think this is a part time job. We think all this can be done in two days per week. You could be hired, you can also work as an independent.

Basic skills include working with photo editing software,  photography skills, proper English speaking and writing and experience in working with the major social networks.

Please send a reaction before December 23rd.

Send any questions or reaction to: info@projectnext.world